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MIFA’s Something Good in Memphis campaign is designed to celebrate those who make Memphis better, whether it’s the stranger who helps change your flat tire in the rain or a human services pioneer who changes the lives of a hundred poor Memphians. Sometimes people tend to focus on the bad and forget the good, but we see reminders of the good in Memphis every day!


Recognizing someone is quick and easy – just send us an email! Acknowledge friends, neighbors,and colleagues whose daily efforts or remarkable deeds embody the spirit of positive action in our community. Thank you for being a part of the good in Memphis!


The Something Good in Memphis project was created by MIFA in 2009 to advance our vision of uniting the community through service. Our mission is supporting the independence of vulnerable seniors and families in crisis through high-impact programs. Our values are to welcome and respect all people, act with integrity, value individual initiative and ability, serve individuals and the community as an act of faith, and balance humanitarian goals with sound business practices. Learn more about MIFA here





the good in memphis

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Britney Christie & the Be Free Revolution

Britney is one of the co-founders of Be Free Revolution (BFR). BFR is a Memphis based non-profit that is a 2-part company. On one side of things they take teams to Africa to work, implement programs that change lives, and raise awareness. On the other side of things, they empower local entrepreneurs in these areas of Africa to improve their trade. They then help sell these items and use the profits to help fund feeding programs (over 11,000 meals have been paid for), provide safe housing, and... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Friday, September 13, 2013

Sarah Cate puts children first

   Sarah Cate is recognized for her inspiring volunteer work with at-risk children at First Church and the FirstWorks @ the Corners. For 10 years, Sarah has donated her time and talents to help change the lives of children. In 2003, Sarah, a new downtowner, visited First United Methodist.She chose this church at the suggestion of her mother who said, “find the Methodist Church on the corner.” Sarah was drawn to their outreach programs. She began working with the bus ministry... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kayden Bowie inspires through music

  From the moment Kayden decided he wanted to start performing he wanted to use that to motivate kids to do good. A straight "A" student at Macon Road Baptist, Kayden has an anti-bullying single titled "What If" that he has performed for many hundreds of elementary/middle school students throughout the Mid-South this last school year. He traveled with the Memphis Music Commission at their request to the state capitol in Nashville to perform his single to the delegates stressing the impor... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Heather DeBerry Stephens is something good

  Heather DeBerry Stephens desires to serve others and believes that this is best accomplished by teaching and training those people by the word of God and through prayer. God birthed in Heather Stephens’ spirit, an anointing for intersession and prayer. Heather has a heart for the family, which is the first institution of God and this is why restoring the family is very important to her. She is a woman who truly has a servant’s heart and the spirit of excellence is her pursuit. She has ... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, July 29, 2013

Nancy Blankenship inspires

  Nancy Blankenship is a joy and inspiration to all who know her. The recent widow of a beloved minister and educator, Dr. Paul Blankenship, Nancy has spent many years in a variety of ministries of her own, in addition to being a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. A native of Ripley, Tenn., and a former school teacher, Nancy lived in a number of cities during her husband''s long career, making the most of each relocation and sharing her talents, gifts and faith along the way. Blessed ... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, July 29, 2013

Coach Corey Smith is something good!

  I am nominating Coach Corey Smith. He is a mentor and basketball coach for a group of inner city young boys from ages 10-13 years. Coach Smith is a native of Memphis. He attended LeMoyne-Owen College where he played basketball for the school and majored in History. Coach Smith has also worked with children in Memphis City Schools as a teacher asst./tutor and mentor. His team The Memphis Shockers Basketball Team won the championship in their division this season 2013. Under the mentorsh... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, July 25, 2013

Patricia Belt & TN Safety Spotters

  Patricia Belt (pictured above with Izzy and Lottie Dot) is founder of TN Safety Spotters Animal Friends Educating Children. Patricia has two dalmatians that are deaf therapy dogs Lottie Dot is 9 & Izzy is 2. Patricia volunteers countless hours volunteering at schools across the MidSouth, the VA Hospital, St Jude Hospital, Fire Museum, Women's Correctional Facility as well as appearing at many events throughout the year. They were awarded the Jefferson Award for Volunteerism. Patric... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, June 17, 2013

Donald Comer supports MIFA COOL

Donald Comer is the Director of Distributed Access Marketing for FedEx. Donald leads a team of nearly 40 employees, who recently conducted a career symposium consisting of mock interviews and professional development seminars for the 10th grade students of our MIFA COOL program. The students were exposed to aspects of marketing research and presentations. His team's interaction and attentiveness to the students was well received and worthwhile. Donald Comer and the Distributed Access Marketi... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LaBreisha Taylor is something good!

  She is a young adult, a senior at Immaculate Catholic and a member of White Stone Missionary Baptist Church. This young lady is a leader in her school and her church and can be found participating in various events. This summer she is assisting at a summer camp for upcoming musical talents where she coaches and motivates young people to do their best. She is a member of the Young Actors Guild where she is an outstanding dancer/performer. A busy young lady on her way to the top of whate... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, June 10, 2013

Clinton Knox III is Young & Educated

  Clinton Knox III is a a young achiever dedicated to consistency and hard work. There is no such phrase as "I give up," in this young achiever’s vocabulary. He was born and raised here in Memphis, TN. He attended Memphis Central High School, and is now a sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University. At MTSU he is involved with Collegiate 100, and he is currently the Student Government Association Freshman Council President. He also received the Freshman of The Year award for Middle Te... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, June 6, 2013

Susan Penn promotes literacy

Ms. Susan Penn is something good in Memphis because she promotes literacy at the Memphis Library. I have had the joy of knowing her for almost all my life. I am a graduate of her Story Time. Ms. Susan reads to Memphis kids every Thursday and she is GREAT. She started a Story Time for deaf children and even earned a grant to continue. In her free time she does community service by placing signs on the sewer drains. Ms. Susan is not just great for children, she is great for our community. If yo... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tabitha Birdsong has a sweet tooth

  Tabitha Birdsong is the small business owner of Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth here in Memphis. She takes pride in not only her business, but she also donates her time and products to community fundraisers like Youth Villages Soup Sunday, the Ronald McDonald House Big Scoop Festival, and LeBonheur Children's Hospital Miracles in Motion bike-a-thon. Ms. Birdsong is awesome and knows the value of community outreach. She never seeks praise or acknowledgement for what she does. Ms. Birdsong s... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

Joseph Wallace-Williams is something good

Joseph Wallace-Williams stands up for what he believes in with great courage and because he cares about all of us. Nominated by Harriet Roberts. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jaime Winton & Sarah Ranson fill empty bowls

Jaime Winton and Sarah Ranson are the co-chairs of the Memphis Empty Bowls Project and work tirelessly to fight hunger hands-on in the Memphis community and create an overall greater awareness of the basic need to fight hunger in Memphis. Their hard work includes organizing Memphis Empty Bowls Project 2012, which raised over $22,000 to benefit the Mid-South Food Bank, the food/hunger ministries of St. John's United Methodist Church, and the community nutritional education provided by the Chur... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

Braxton Brady serves Binghampton

Braxton loves Memphis! He moved his family into the Binghampton neighborhood to serve and love the people there. He serves as the chaplain of the Memphis Tigers football team as well as being a teacher at Presbyterian Day School. He designed and sells 901 hats to promote Memphis and raise money for an orphanage in Honduras. Nominated by Darilyn Christenbury. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

John Barker feeds Memphis

John is a longtime volunteer at St John's United Methodist Church Soup Kitchen. He does the shopping, organizes the team, and leads the efforts. My favorite thing about John is the way he allows kids to work in the kitchen. He is great with them. St John's is one of the oldest soup kitchens in Memphis--they feed thousands of Memphians every year. Without dedicated folks like John, this would not happen. Nominated by Kim Guleff. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

Richard Chotard supports Bridges

Richard is a longtime volunteer with Bridges Youth Outreach. When our family met Richard, we were so impressed by his dedication to Bridges and to the young people of Memphis. He has such a great attitude and his support of Bridges really impacts our community. Nominated by Tom Guleff. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, May 16, 2013

Logan Guleff is a remarkable 10-year-old!

I am nominating Logan becuae, for a 10-year-old, he is an outstanding Memphian. Logan represented the State of Tennessee and had a place at the First Kids' State Dinner and met the Obamas. He has worked at the soup kitchen, helped Overton Park by planting trees, bird houses, and Free Little Library. He brought Memphis national attention by being one of the top five kids to represent Jif peanut butter. he has a plan to make a cookbook to benefit the soup kitchen and sells his own spice rub, do... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bradley Watkins helps the homeless

Not only can he marry you (as he did me and several friends), but he is a working force in helping the homeless find jobs and homes here in Memphis! Nominated by Stacy Tudor. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Johnny Hill is something good!

  Johnny Hill is the Associate Campus Pastor at The Life Church of Memphis in Cordova. Johnny leads the worship team, participates in leadership courses, ministers to inmates, and is heavily involved in youth ministry. Nominated by Carjamin Walton. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dalila Early has touched many lives

  Dalila Early has poured her heart and soul into creating an amazing learning environment for our children at the Natural Learning School. It's more than a school, it's a community. And it's touched many many lives. Nominated by Shiloh Barnat. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, April 22, 2013

Agoud Lund makes Memphis a happier place!

Agoud always has a smile for everyone, brightens her coworkers' days, and is super involved in her family. She is quick to help out and makes Memphis a happier place! Nominated by Kat Gordon. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, April 22, 2013

Gail Phillips promotes pet services

Gail has been working for years in Memphis to promote spay and neuter for pets and to provide low-cost alternatives for those who need it. Nominated by Audrey Collins. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, March 21, 2013

Melanie & Kent Pafford are saving StreetDogs!

  Kent and Melanie Daniel Pafford are the founders of StreetDog Foundation, which rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes stray and abandoned dogs in Memphis. Using online marketing, adoption days and special events, they are committed to placing wonderful companion animals into loving, forever homes. They believe in responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering, and educating the public about how wonderful dogs are — especially misunderstood breeds. Nominated by Audrey Collins. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Thursday, March 21, 2013

Audrey Collins, Humane Society volunteer

Audrey volunteers with the Humane Society and is a foster mom to young animals. She is a generous donor of time, talent and treasures to many other worthy causes. Nominated by Elizabeth Roberts. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marcus Relliford provides positive lessons

He is amazing and is providing a safe environment that motivates the total child to reach his or her full potential through the martial arts. His positive lessons provide so much to children who might not be a fortunate in the real world. Nominated by Jennifer Hayes. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Michael Allen is something good!

I am nominating him because of the work he is doing for Catholic Charities in Memphis. Homelessness, poverty, mental illness are just a few areas his organization helps in Memphis. Nominated by Stacey Sears. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Derek Henson is something good!

He helps the children in the COOL program to better and further their education! Nominated by Veronica Claxton. Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Linda Seely makes an impact

  Linda Warren Seely, Director of Private Attorney Involvement at Memphis Area Legal Society, makes an incredible impact in the lives of so many people in the Memphis area. She has worked diligently to expand access and legal assistance to low-income and elderly residents in Shelby, Fayette, Lauderdale and Tipton counties through such initiatives as the Attorney of the Day Pro Se Advice and Counsel Clinic held weekly in the Shelby County Courthouse and through Saturday Legal Clinics hel... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Friday, March 15, 2013

Greater service, greater progress for Sigma Gamma Rho

It would be hard to pinpoint one individual member of this chapter for their ongoing volunteer efforts. Sigma Gamma Rho has a proud legacy of providing positive and proactive community leadership and support when and wherever needed as indicated by the sorority's international slogan, "Greater Service, Greater Progress." When the Memphis Food Bank shelves grew low this chapter answered the call by partnering with Ampro to provide 20,000 meals. Their current efforts include a doll & action... Read More
Posted by Ellen Whitten at Monday, March 11, 2013